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Toilet paper baby
You place everyone in groups of 5 people in each group you give them 4 rolls of toilet paper the oldest person in each group must stand still while the other 4 people have 2 minutes to dress the middle person to look like a baby the mother and person who gave the shower then judge the finished products and who ever looks the most like a baby wins!
-- Flutterby


Each guest addresses his/her own Thank You envelope(makes Thank You cards much easier for new Mom!)Put all addressed envelopes in bowl or basket and shake Mom-to-be picks one envelope....which is the winner!
-- Grail


Using clothespins, hang baby items on a piece of rope. Have everyone in the room view this for awhile and then walk out of the room. When you come back in everyone will think you are going to ask them to write down the items from memory. Fool them by asking how long the rope is.
-- Jakl


Who is my mommy?
On a piece of paper, list the names of famous children. The object of the game is to be able to name the child(ren)'s mother.

Pebbles Flintstone -> Wilma Flintstone
Tabatha Stevens -> Samantha Stevens
Rudy Huckstable -> Claire Huckstable

You can get very creative with this game and it is a lot of Fun!!
-- Jamison


Purchase about a dozen jars of baby food. Purchase some that look similar in color. Number the jars. Write down the number and the type of food in each jar on a separate sheet of paper. Remove labels before the guests arrive and number the jars. Pass the jars around to the guests. Have them try to guess what fruit or vegetable in in that jar. The guest with the most correct wins!!!
-- KarnoppS


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