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Shower game idea-Musical Bottle Race
You will begin by distributing 3 baby bottles among the guests. Each bottle should be filled with a beverage and one nipple sealed closed (you can seal the nipple shut by over-boiling it on the stove top). As lullaby music is playing each guest will pass the bottles among the group. When the bottles stops, whoever is holding a bottle will participate in a drinking race. Whoever finishes first is the winner! It is hilarious to watch grown adults drink out of a bottle and especially the guest that is attempting to drink from the bottle with the sealed nipple. Don't forget your camera during this game.
-- Jules


Take the same sized bottles ( as many as there are guests) and fill them with a drink, like tea. Have a drinking race. The one who finishes first wins!
- Vicki, Mom-to-be very soon


Toilet paper game
need roll of toilet paper
Each participant takes off as many squares as they think it will take to go around the expectant mothers belly after all have taken there paper each measures the expectant mother's belly with there piece the one closest wins.
-- ublafn2


Bingo - just like the regular game but the guests fill out what they think the mothers gifts will be and as she opens them, the guests check off the boxes until they get bingo! And if there are a lot of gifts, then go to blackout bingo!
-- Lisa W.


Slight variation on the Memory game: Have the items double as a gift from the hostess by putting the baby items together into a cute gift basket or bath-caddy, taping some items in place so everything is visible but permanently in place. Then after the game the mom-to-be takes the gift basket.
-- GoingE


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