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A variation on the memory game. Have the Mom to be pass around the tray for everyone to see. Everyone is busy trying memorize what's on the tray. What they should be doing is looking at the Mom to be. After she leaves the room with the tray- ask everyone questions like; was the Mom to be wearing nail polish, is she wearing a necklace, what color were her shoes, etc.
-- Crl Buni in Gilroy CA


I have a variation on the Diaper Pin "Baby" Game. Instead of diaper pins we used clothes pins at my best friends shower. And instead of saying baby, we d id if you crossed your legs. It was a hoot, all of us yelling at each other because someone crossed their legs. Also, a clothes pin is much easier to get off.
-- Paulette


Baby White: Find as many white substances as you can...sugar, corn starch, baby powder, powdered sugar, baking soda, baking powder, laundry detergent, potato flakes, etc. Find as many clean, empty baby food jars as you have substances. Mark each jar (A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 and so on). Have each guest try and guess the substance in each jar. The one with the most correct answers win. The prize should be something white.
-- SauChai


M & M's Game
Have 2 bowls one filled with M&M's the other one empty set side by side. Have the guest take a small plastic spoon and place in mouth with hands behind their back they have 30 seconds to put as many M&M's from the full bowl to the empty bowl the guest with the most M&M's wins.
-- Janie Salazar


Needed: extra small safety pins and white cloth cut up into triangles. Fold each triangle into a diaper shape and fasten the 3 corners with a safety pin. I use the hem pin to pin onto the persons outfit. When making the diapers, set one aside and using a brown eyeliner mark the inside of that one diaper. Making this your last game, have all your ladies open up their diaper and the one that has the "poopie diaper" wins the prize.
-- Anita Shaw, LW, Florida.


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