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Door Prize game:
Have everyone self address the "thank you" envelopes brought by the mom to be. Put them all in a bowl/bag etc.. Have the mom to be pick the "Door Prize" Helps the mom out by having all the "correct Addresses"


baby game:
Need, Rope and clothes pins.
Pin as many baby items as you can on a rope, have two people bring the rope through the room and out. Make sure you have all guests attention looking at rope. Can either have them remember what all was on the rope -Or- Ask how many clothes pins were there


Give each guest some play dough. Guests are to make a baby out of the play dough. The Mommy gets to choose the cutest one. The winner gets a prize.
-- Lizdelia


Materials needed: 2 baby bottles filled with milk. Ask for two volunteers. Whoever drinks the bottle faster wins the prize.
-- Lizdelia


My idea is stork bingo - the way you play stork bingo is just like playing baby bingo but you have the letters s-t-o-r-k instead of bingo and you have have things like colic, pacifier, diapers, warmer, booties, onesies, teething, etc.
-- Sara Clark


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